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The Mind of the Academic
Fruits of My Research
November 14th, 2009 
It has been a rather exhausting day to say the least. I have taken up a temporary residence at the home of Mini-Meevs these past two days (and to my relief, after hearing of the chaos on the home front) but certainly have I been working to earn my keep! Her grandmother is to be brought in from the nursing home Monday and the necessary preparations, including a very thorough cleaning of the home, need be made. It was fairly vile clawing our way through the mountain of trash thanks for her brother's laziness (and I thought Axel's room was messy.. oh the HORROR of that garage!!) but it was rewarding, any excuse to make a giant bonfire and watch pressurized containers explode... >_>

Now, if only we had added the insect killer and paint thinner... *ahem* ah, disregard that last thought..

Tomorrow, we move the necessary furniture here and organize it and then I spend the evening packing for the coming vacation back north to visit the family. Ah shit, and I must remember to practice my sax.. ahh that probably will not get done >_> Another week of getting distracted, the director will have my non-existing head!

But that should do it for now. Quite a bit to look forward to, and much needed it is.
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