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The Mind of the Academic
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Mission Accomplished 
5th-Nov-2009 09:32 pm
Tonight was my last night as a marching rocket, and my was it ever an enjoyable one. My underlings gave quite sweet gifts (and quite the twisted one too:: an ace bandage with a packet of Tylenol arthritis attached.) I shall truly miss all the memories I shared with them and the time I spent shivering, swearing, and slipping in the muddy football fields. 'Twas a truly amazing end to this four-year long mission.

Despite the chaos of earlier events life has yet prevailed with optimism, something I am in dire need of at this point. Spending these days along away at Oblivion becomes quite taxing on the mind and soul without necessary stimulation to coax me to continue. For tonight I'll simply take the time to relax.

Meevs and I have planned an impromptu trip in preparation for the coming vacation tomorrow, I have much to prepare before the 17th. The next three days (and with my birthday on Saturday, I'll spend some time away celebrating with the locals. I do need time away from work too, you know) will be spent relaxing and readying myself to kick into high gear for the week ahead.

For only a week and two days more before I am free to seek refuge in the north with my... ohana as Braig terms it.

Well then, enough prattling on for now. My best wishes to all of you as well, especially you, Braig <3
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